Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chilli Pepper House

Every once in a while you feel like having Chinese food. Hot and spicy noodles and fried rice with juicy tender crispy chicken in fresh and light gravy. Absolutely delicious! If I'm home, I cook up my own chow mein noodles and satisfy my Chinese food craving. If we are out and about, then
Chilli Pepper House is our restaurant of choice as it is an indo-chinese restaurant. You get Chinese food Indian style.
After a tiring day at the Richmond Center, we decided to eat out. Choosing Chilli Pepper House has never been disappointing. Their food is fresh and tastes a lot like the Chinese food served in India. And best of all it is Halal. There might be thousands of other Chinese food places in Richmond and Vancouver, but Halal Chinese food places are few and far between.
Ginger Chicken
We ordered veggie spring rolls, shrimp chow mein, egg fried rice, chicken corn soup, beef broccoli and ginger chicken with naan bread. Even Zeba tried noodles for the first time. The server probably had a child or two herself so she was really good with Zeba. She got her a little plastic plate and gave her a bowl just to play. She asked Hummu if she can serve Zeba some noodles. My hesitant Sister replied in the affirmative. I guess it was a learning moment for her too. We worry much too often about feeding the regular acceptable baby food such as cereal and milk, and forget about trying and introducing new foods. I must have been like that with my first born too. Overly cautious about what to feed and what to avoid etc. There is just a lot of learning and unlearning the first year and its just the beginning. The learning and unlearning never ends. Aaliyah is 5 and I'm still learning. 
We ate to our heart's content, then had fun opening our fortune cookies. These little cookies always have the right message to bring a smile on your face.  Mine said "Pray for the things that you want, but work for the things you need." So true. I totally agree.

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