Thursday, November 3, 2011

About Me

So, here I am. An old Mommy in a new, beautiful  neighborhood exploring life in my "Mommyhood." I am a Mommy to a  darling daughter Aaliyah and a high spirited son Ayaan. With these two around, there is never a dull moment. They are always up to something new. Together, they pretty much rule my life. Whatever I do, has to revolve around them. Whether it the food I am cooking or the places I am going, it is always about them. There was however, a time when it was all about me.

I was born and raised in Andhra Pradesh, India, went to California, USA for higher studies, went back to India and got married to a loving and supportive Husband (Nasir), returned to the US, worked  in the non-profit industry for about 6 years, had two beautiful babies along the way and when my work visa was about to expire, we moved out here to Canada in search of a better, stable life.

The transition from a working mother to a stay at home mother was initially difficult. It was totally my decision to stay at home and spend some quality time with the kids. However, there were times when I questioned my own decision. While I enjoyed the extra time that I was able to spend with the kids, yet the routine, the feeling of touching people's lives, making a difference and being constantly appreciated is what I missed most. My biggest complaint was the house work. No matter how much I do, there never seemed to be an end. When you go to work you put in your 8 hours of work from 9-5 and are done for the day. It never seemed like I would ever be done with the housework. It is like a never ending chore especially with kids. I so needed a break from this never ending chore.

I started spending time on Facebook and just online browsing. I was specifically intrigued by the various websites devoted to crafts and sewing and stumbled upon blogger and its different blogs. What piqued my interest was how well some of these blogs also updated their readers with the happenings in the lives of their children. Now flash forward 10, maybe 15 years and imagine having those same children stumble upon their Mom's blog. Read about how they were as kids, the troubles and challenges of everyday parenting etc. Writing, reflecting, saving memories and escaping housework? Wow! I found this whole idea simply irresistible.

Setting a blogger account was easier than I thought. Within a few simple clicks,  I had a blog. I did have to put some thought into a decent blog title and "Mommyhood Musings" sounded perfect. My thoughts and observations on my life as a Mommy in a new neighborhood. I love new challenges and blogging seems like a good one for now.

I now have a place to share my thoughts.  A place where I can reflect on my life with my two wonderful little kids. A place for my creativity whether it is sewing, dabbling in crafts or simply writing. And when my children grow up and I become a Grandma,  when the house will look spotlessly clean everyday, when I will have nothing better to do, I will sit back, relax, make myself a nice cup of tea and browse through my life in the "Mommyhood."

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