Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mommy Glance

The one final look at your children before they step out of the door, that's "Mommy Glance." I missed giving my daughter that final look, that final glance and she ended up with untended hair on Bakrid day.Sure, kids look good just the way they are. But for a Mommy who loves making hair bows, having a kid go without one is mortifying.

On that busy Bakrid morning, I woke up early to get ready for the Eid. The kids were still sleeping. It was freezing outside. The temperature was -3 degrees C. It is hard for us grown-ups to get out of our warm and cozy comforter, they were just kids. With much coaxing, they finally woke up. Hubby gave them a quick bath and we both took one kid each to dress. He got the easy one I got the toughie.

Yes, I got Aaliyah, my 5 yr old daughter to dress. You would think that she would dress herself up like everyday? Oh no not today. Of all the days, today was the day that she had to have Mommy dress her up. Oh well! I help her with putting on her dress, her necklace, her sandals then I asked her to put on her bangles and choose between the hair band or the matching hair-bow herself.

That was my first big mistake (the second was of course missing the mommy glance). Letting Aaliyah choose between the hair band and the matching hair bow ended up in her having neither on her hair. Hubby didn't care for a clip or a bow or a hair band. He saw she was dressed and that was just fine with him. He took the kids to the car and let me finish up with my dressing up, locking up the house, keeping the camera, turning all the lights off, etc.
When we reached our destination I started to help Aaliyah with her seat belt and saw her hair. I was surprised to see her hair all messy. Her excuse? "I like my hair like this Mommy." Oh no you don't my little one. Special occasions call for neat, well tended hair. I immediately dig into my purse, my coat pockets hoping to find something to tidy up her hair. No luck. I slipped my hand into the seat pocket in front of Aaliyah's seat and voila! It was like my hand hit a treasure chest of clips and hair bands and lost bows. These were the ones that Aaliyah regularly takes off and throws in with the rest of her trinkets. I didn't find a matching one but settled for a white clip. Something is better than nothing I said to myself.

And so I made up for my mistake. My mistake of not giving Aaliyah the "Mommy Glance" before she left the house. Had I looked, I would have made sure that Aaliyah's hair had a bow or a head band. One final Mommy glance is all it takes to have your kids turn out the way you want them to. After all don't we all love to ride on the pride wave every once in a while?

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