Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Day at Preschool

Ayaan started preschool yesterday. I finally took the leap and enrolled him in the Kinderfun program at Cambie Community Center. This preschool is walking distance from my home and close to Aaliyah's elementary school. I can walk them to their schools if the weather is nice or if I don't have a car for any day.  Spending the last 10 months with him in my new role as a stay at home Mommy, did bring us very close to each other and letting him out of my sight for a whole two and a half hours was hard for me, or so I thought.

Ayaan was so excited to go to his own school. He was the happiest baby on the block. He got dressed quickly and listened to whatever I asked him to do.
Picked up his toys, turned off the TV, put the story books away and waited patiently while I got his snack ready. I forgot to buy him a lunch pail the last time we went shopping so I had to choose between a grocery bag or his toy backpack. I chose the toy backpack. He looked so adorable. I just love this little boy.
Ayaan with his "pack pack"
Taking him for his first day was so different from taking Aaliyah for her first day at her preschool. Aaliyah had not cried a bit and it made me so jealous of the teachers. How could they make a daughter forget her Mom all so suddenly? She saw other girls, the play dough and immediately got to work. I remember my co-workers consoling me because they had never seen me cry, calling the preschool not once but twice to see if Aaliyah was doing OK and kept wondering about her all day long. I couldn't wait to go and pick her up at the end of my work day. With Ayaan, I did nothing of that emotional stuff. I did not cry like a baby, did not worry if he is going to be fine without me, and my fingers did not itch to call the preschool. I thought I would cry a little bit, but I was so amazed at myself for doing the whole first day thing without a tear. Do I love Ayaan less? No way. I love both my children the same. I think doing the preschool routine a second time made me smarter and stronger than the first time.

Another reason could be that Ayaan did what I had expected. He looked out for me. He is so used to having me in the room with him. Be it at the StrongStart play and learn sessions or the recent observation day. When he realized that I wasn't in the room, he started crying. . The teacher aide took him and made him sit beside her while the other teacher started circle time. As soon as they started singing the "hey there, hi there" song, Ayaan stopped crying and joined in the fun. I left the center with a very gratifying and proud feeling. 

Sitting in the car I thought to myself...I sure have grown as a Mommy.

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