Monday, March 5, 2012

BC Teachers on Strike

Teachers all over British Columbia have gone on a 3-day strike starting from today. The decision to go on strike came about after months of unsuccessful bargaining between the teachers federation and the government over wages, class size, and lack of adequate funding. Whether or not the strike will sway the government's status-quo is yet to be seen. Meanwhile, Aaliyah is enjoying her extended long weekend. She goes back on Thursday, its Pizza day and she is all excited. There is a possibility that the teachers may go on strike on Friday too. So, if Friday ends up being a no instruction day like today then that will mean all the kids will get a head start on their Spring break that starts from Monday. 
As far Ayaan, his preschool was open. Aaliyah and I went to drop him off at his preschool. Sometimes, I am so thankful for this dropping off-picking up routine. At least that gets me out of my PJs and into my jeans. And my mind is not in a weekend or a vacation mode. I am sleepy, slow and slack big time on my daily chores. Somehow, I tend to get a lot done on weekdays than on weekends. That's just the way it goes...for now at least.

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