Friday, March 23, 2012

Visit to the Mosque

After almost 14 months in Canada, we finally made it to the Richmond mosque today. I had almost made it last year but something came up and we had to change our plans. And since then the thought of going to the mosque was just that-a thought.
I woke up this morning when my dear sister called me up and suggested that we go to the Mosque today as it was Friday. It was too beautiful a day to be wasting in bed. So we woke up had our morning tea and by this time the kids were up too. Got them ready. Had breakfast and we were all good to go. Before going to the mosque, we had a quick errand to run. We did that and then reached the Mosque the same time as Hummu. In fact their car was right in front of ours. Talk about perfect timing!
My first reaction as we reached the mosque was that it felt like Eid. The hustle bustle, the rush, the fine clothes everything was a reminder of a typical Eid day. The mosque was packed to capacity maybe because it was Spring break and a bright and sunny day as opposed to the regular chill and grey days. It was comforting to see that there were other moms with little children too. Ayaan and Aaliyah read the namaaz with us for the most part. Zeba was happy and was playing around. I wonder why we stressed over the kids so much. They did not run around, did not bother other kids or cry. They were just so well behaved.
After the namaaz we ran into Iffath baaji. She is such a sweet lady. Her son will be going to Scotland to the University of Edinburgh. Wow! I wish I can be a dedicated Mom like Iffath baaji. Hmmm...
We then headed to Hummu's home to have lunch. She made yummy chicken and baghara chawal. We stayed back at her house to spend the day. The kids cannot have enough of Zeba and vice versa. They just love each other's company.

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