Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breakfast Club at Mitchell Elementary

Aaliyah was all excited since last night about this morning's Breakfast Club at her elementary school. The Breakfast Club is a new project that the school has started in partnership with other community organizations to ensure that the students do not start their day with empty stomachs. It will be offered on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 7:55am-8:20am. Which means
that we have to leave the house a good 30 minutes earlier than regular if we do want to attend that is.

Although, food has never been an issue (thank God) eating breakfast- fast is definitely an issue with her. She takes her time with her food. Especially when we have 5 minutes to head out the door and she is still at the breakfast table. It can get really stressful at times. This morning we reached her school at about 8am. They had just started serving the kids. The Principal, vice principal and a few other teachers were serving the students with cereal, bagels, cream cheese, orange juice and milk. There must have been about 30-40 kids maximum. I was expecting a bigger turnout but I guess waking up early could be a challenge for some people more so if they already are providing their kids with breakfast. But apart from food they were going to have board games and puzzles for the kids to play after breakfast. This is what I liked about this program the most. If kids are starting the day on a happy note then they will be more receptive to their teacher and their friends.
At dinner time today I asked Aaliyah about her breakfast club and if she enjoyed playing the games. She said she enjoyed the breakfast because her best friend was there too. However, she just watched the other kids play. Maybe, she was expecting an invitation from them. Who knows! She said that she was shy. Erasing this word from her dictionary will definitely take a lot of work. I just hope that this Friday (which will also be her Pajama and crazy hair day), she will come out of her shell and socialize with the older kids. I was a shy kid too, to start with. However, that word has blurred itself out over the years. It is a blur but not totally gone. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being shy and 10 being totally outgoing and bold, I would give myself a 7. They say an apple doesn't fall too far from its tree. I guess Aaliyah is no different.

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