Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fixing Mommy's Heart

Last night I got really mad and upset with Aaliyah for not keeping her things in place. Aaliyah was working at her desk coloring something while Ayaan was playing with his toys. I was in the kitchen, putting things away. Suddenly, Aaliyah screams and announces that Ayaan is painting his nails on the bed. I immediately go to their room and find the bed sheet stained with nail paint and her hair bands all over the bed. I was furious. If only Aaliyah could have stopped Ayaan from taking her hair bands and the nail paints from the dresser. Perhaps it is too much to expect from a 5 year old. Anyway, I take the nail paints and the head bands and put it away. Then I asked them both to go to bed without any story time. I think I even told Aaliyah that it breaks my heart when she doesn't keep her things (head bands, nail paint, color pencils, crayons etc.) in their place.
Today, as I was cleaning up my bedroom, Aaliyah combs her hair, puts a matching hair band, walks into my room, sees the smile on my face and asks "Mommy is your heart fixed?"

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