Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Carnival

Another busy day today. Ayaan's preschool had organized a "spring carnival" today. It had a farm theme as the highlight of the event was a petting zoo. Along with this they had a bouncy castle, a mini jumper, a face painting table, different craft activity tables, a playdough table, floor puzzles, coloring activity table, farm animal toys and the like. Students from both the Little Explorers and the Kinderfun preschool program and their siblings were invited.
The best part was the
flexibility that they offered with regards to time. It was organized from 10am-2:30pm. We had the option to arrive at our own time, eat at our own time and leave at our own time. Wow! Can it get any stress free than that? If I had to be there at 10am today, I would have hated myself even for choosing to go to that event. It was freezing outside with a little bit of flurries too. Rain and snow together. Yikes! I do not like taking the kids anywhere in that kind of weather. But around 10:30ish it started to clear up. Thank God!

Aaliyah and Manav
 Aaliyah took out her own clothes. She took out a yellow t-shirt and brown pants. Why? We were going to see some farm animals at the petting zoo and according to her, wearing yellow and brown will make you look like a giraffe and she wanted to look "zoo-ey." She just cracks me up sometimes. Her zebra print hair bows gave her an extra "zoo-ey" effect. She was super excited to go. She brushed her teeth in less than 5 minutes as opposed to her normal 10-15 minutes. She even offered to get the hot dogs ready for us so we can have a snack if we needed to. She said "I am a good hot dog maker Mom."
Since it was a bit chilly outside, we headed indoors toward the bouncy castle. Both Ayaan and Aaliyah loved it. I was really pleased with Ayaan's ability to navigate through the bouncy castle all by himself. He was enjoying it. Ayaan found his friend Manav and he was good company both for Aaliyah and Ayaan. They played tag, raced each other through the bouncy castle, jumped together on the mini jumper. They stuck together the whole time. They were having -as Ayaan puts it-"too much fun." I sat with Manav's mom the whole time until Hummu arrived.

Ayaan receiving Zeba
Ayaan and Zeba were very happy to see each other. Their big smiles that went from ear to ear were a proof of their happiness. Since Zeba was too little for the bouncy castle or the mini jumper, we went out to pet the farm animals. The sun was out and it wasn't that cold. They had a pony, some chickens, goats, bunnies and cute little lambs. Zeba started saying "mary" or it sounded like that. She likes the nursery rhyme-Mary had a little lamb...a lot. I am sure her little heart was also pleased to see all the cute little animals.

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