Monday, March 12, 2012


Spring break has begun. I took the kids out to Watermania today. Its an indoor aquatic and fitness center that is fun for kids and adults alike. They have a wave pool, water slides, huge swimming pools with diving boards and a smaller swimming pool for swimming lessons. Along with this they also have a fitness center and a sauna room.
Aaliyah already had a free pass from her school so only Ayaan and I needed to pay the admission fee. After paying the admission fee, which was
about $9 dollars and 40 cents, we headed straight toward the wave pool area. The wave pool was a simulation of the waves at a beach. Only difference was that this was indoors, the water temperature was just right and the deepest it went was maybe about 3 ft at the most. So if I am ever missing the California beaches, I can head straight to Watermania.
Aaliyah loved it a lot. She was playing pretty much independently except on one occasion when she got carried away toward the deeper side and she lost her balance. She held on tight to her floatie and stretched her arms toward me to get her. I was close enough to grab her. I gave her a hug and reminded her that the water gets deeper at that end and that we need to stay on the shallow end. She followed my advice. I definitely have to get her into swimming lessons. We stayed around the play structure most of the time. She and Ayaan were having fun going up and down the slides. After about an hour of water play, Ayaan started shivering so, we had to come out. Aaliyah tried hard to extend the time. When I said 5 more minutes, she said "how about 10 more minutes please Mommy?  I promised her that I will get her again next time without Ayaan so she can play to her hearts desire.
I still feel like I am floating in the water. I am sure my dreams are going to be filled with images of the wave pool. I loved the place. Watermania is definitely a fun place to go with the entire family.

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