Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Pleasure

Took Ayaan for a walk around the block. Aaliyah was working on her workbook and Ayaan was bothering her. It is just hard for him to play alone when whatever his Sister is doing seems more exciting. He kept distracting her either by turning on the TV or by taking away her color pencils. Nasir was home. So, I left Aaliyah with him to finish off her work and took Ayaan out. He was all smiles from the minute we left home. He was getting all the attention that he was probably craving for. The decision to take him out was an impulsive, yet it was a great one. I got my little exercise and Ayaan got to explore the neighborhood.
We started going around the block then stopped at
Shopper's Vug (Drug) Mart for a mini break. Ever since he saw a Wii player on display, this store has become his favorite. I let Ayaan pick any one thing that he wanted. He picked gum and then some M and M candy and then a toy filled egg candy-his favorite. I reminded him that he needs to pick only one thing. I said we can keep the M and Ms for Api but the gum needs to go back. He did not whine or cry and gladly obliged.  I let Ayaan decide which way to take to return home. He knew his way back and guided me all the way home. He was very happy and proud of himself. I am glad I was able to bring him this simple pleasure.

I just have to have this alone time with Aaliyah too. She usually does not miss a single chance to blame me that I love her less. Although I love both my children the same, I just might have to prove it to Aaliyah time and time again and in more overt ways. She is not my innocent baby anymore. She sure is growing up way faster than I want her to. Hmm... I cannot tie down time but I can surely enjoy the moment while it lasts.

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