Friday, August 3, 2012

Bear Creek Park, Surrey

I had heard a lot about this park and it was on my must see places for this Summer. With still a couple hours left before our Iftaar party, we decided to take the kids out for a quick bike ride in the park. I must say, I am really impressed by the beauty of this park. Huge Soccer fields, stadium, play area, water fountains, train station, mini-golf area, nature garden, the park has something for everybody.
Stadium Entrance at Bear Creek Park 
The Bear Creek Park in Surrey, is full of family
fun and adventure. It is a huge park spread out across a vast expanse of lush green trees and clean track fields. The park has a well equipped playground that caters to the tiny tots as well as the big kids. The tot lot was separate from the other play structures which was perfect for the little ones as they could play without running the risk of being run over by older kids. There were various other play structures for the older kids and everybody seemed to be having some real good outdoor fun.
Getting ready
Playing on the slides
A majority of the kids were gathered around the sparkly water fountains. The park has plenty of water fountains that the kids could run through and get soaking wet. My kids love water play and it is one of their favorite backyard activity. Since this was more of an exploratory trip, I had not kept their swimming costumes or any extra change of clothes. It was therefore, quite a challenge for me to keep the kids away from the water. I kept them busy around the swings, the see-saw and the slides. They seemed to have fun nevertheless.
So needed a heavier child on the other side
The four people swing
We did not have time to take the train ride or explore the nature garden. The next time we go to this park, we will definitely do these two activities before anything else. There was a small colorful flower bed close to the entrance of the nature garden. Since we didn't have time to go inside the garden, this was all the natural beauty I could get. Got some nice shots with the flower bed in the background.

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