Friday, August 24, 2012

Movie Night

Went and watched "Ek tha Tiger" with Nasir. Dropped the kids off at Hummu's place and then went to the Cineplex Theaters in Richmond. It was a movie cum date night with the Husband. I have to admit, I missed the kids. Especially, because there was no one to finish our popcorn or the coke. No one to wander in between the
seats or up and down the steps. And no one to interrupt the movie for a washroom break. The whole movie experience without the kids was way too relaxing. Something that I am not very used to.  

The movie itself was a good one overall. Loved the cinematography. In one movie we toured Iran, Istanbul and Cuba. Not sure how much of it was computerized but for the most part, it looked pretty real. The screenplay could have been a little tighter and more gripping.  The movie however managed to keep my interest till the very end.  A treat for Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif  fans. Salman rocked in the action scenes as well as in the entire movie. His role does justice to his age. Katrina Kaif acted really well in the emotional scenes. Being a Secret Service Agent, she got a lot of action scenes as well.  Typical Bollywood Hindi movie. Definitely, can be watched more than once if you love Salman and or Katrina.

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