Monday, August 20, 2012

Play and Sing

Yet another Summer Monday. Took the kids out to the Cambie Library for Richmond Family Place' Play and Sing program. The kids rode their bikes and I walked. While Aaliyah does pretty well riding on the sides of the street, Ayaan still needs little reminders about staying on the side of the street especially on certain areas on our way, where there are no sidewalks.
Ayaan was singing and participating at first and then lost
interest. Aaliyah on the other hand kept mum at first and then slowly started singing and actively participating. These kids are turning out to have quite interesting personalities. Ayaan loses interest slowly and Aaliyah slowly gets interested.

I learnt a new song but I had totally forgotten the tune to it. Aaliyah however, was quick to remind me. She sang the whole song with the correct tune. I think the younger you are the easier it is to pick up new songs and rhymes. Since I am not six anymore, I cannot absorb nursery rhymes and songs like a sponge. I do better with repetition and writing stuff down. So here is the song:

When Your'e One

When you're one
one one
You tap your thumb
thumb thumb
When you're two
Two two
You tap your show
shoe shoe
When your'e three
three three
You tap you knee
knee, knee
When your'e five
five five
You jump and jive
jive, jive
When your'e six
six, six
You tap your sticks
sticks, sticks
When your'e seven
seven, seven
You tap on heaven
heaven, heaven
When your'e eight
eight, eight
you have to wait (Pause for a moment or two)
When your'e nine
nine, nine
You touch your spine
spine, spine
When your'e ten
ten, ten
You start again

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