Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blueberry Picking

Fresh ripe blueberries
I asked Ayaan to choose where he wants to go for an outing by picking just one finger. He thought for a long time and then instead of picking just one finger, he chose all three in quick succession. He said how about we go to the beach, then blueberry picking and then what was it again? I say the Nature Park. He said, that is right, the nature park. I just couldn't help but admire his cleverness or shall I say his innocence. He just spoke his heart. By the time I sort of wrapped up the never ending
household chores, we had time just to go for some quick berry picking. So, off to Birak Berry Farms we went.
Walking toward the u-pick section
 Aaliyah as usual was excited about berry picking. With her recent Strawberry picking experience she seemed to know it all. Needless to say, she took the lead right from the start.

Picking the big and ripe ones only
 I only had to tell Ayaan once and he picked only the big and the ripe blueberries. His little container did not have any unripe berries.

Little hands and lots to pick
Almost full

I Smile for Berries
My two sweet berry pickers

Going Back
 A fun quick outing and so close to home. The farm is less than a mile away from home.
A lot of Blueberries waiting to be picked
I so want to go back for some more berry picking. The berries from this farm are sweet, ripe and firm. The taste is still lingering in my mouth. And even though the stores are full of blueberries, picking them yourself is so much more fun.

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